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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I sign up for just 2 hours to see if I like the class?
Absolutely! Call (833) 692-3278 and ask to sign up for 2 hours of SAT Private tutoring. If you like the class, you can always add more hours.
Q: If I don't like my first class, Can I get a refund?
Yes, we provide a full refund for unused hours. So, if you signed up for 10 hours but completed only 4 hours of tutoring, we will offer a full refund of the remaining 6 hours. Call us at (833) 692-3278 or email service@bobbytariq.com to request for refund.
Q: Can I attend three 2-hour sessions or more per week?
Absolutely! We always customize the schedule based on students' needs.
Q: I just enrolled. How do I find my weekly schedule?
After you enroll, we will call you within 24 hours to discuss a weekly schedule that works for you. You can also contact us directly to set up the weekly schedule
Q: How many hours of tutoring do I need?
It depends entirely on your needs and availability. A typical week's schedule will include a minimum of two 2-hour sessions. If you require multiple sessions or 3-hour sessions, we will accommodate.